Our mission is to integrate the traditional systems with ICT and to automate repetitive actions in a completely new way. We want to optimize and smooth productive and management processes to increase profits and at the same time, we want to reduce the overloads of manual work that might lead to errors.

Even a well-functioning company can improve further the efficiency of its management processes to increase the value of the company itself.
Technology can change a company mindset, reshaping the production processes; ultimately, it serves the companies solutions to increase profits.
Nowadays technology can apply to any system and the industrial production can really benefit from it.

The mantra of this decade is “everything’s possible”.


ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

Modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps companies reinvent productivity and business processes covering key areas such as mobility and business knowledge, establishing a closer connection to CRM.

Big Data Analytics

We analyse data scientifically not to understand the “obvious” meaning behind them, we want to read them under a different light to help companies discover new useful information.

Sales Force Automation

SFA systems are the direct connection between sales agents and operations centre.  Agents can schedule actions and keep track of everything they do, reducing the risk of human errors.

Workflow Monitoring Software

A workflow monitoring software helps companies manage collaborative work groups automating some of their work processes.  Software schedules and monitors defined sequences of tasks.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps companies manage their clients (profile, activities, appointments) and gather data to conceive new strategies to convert prospects or grow the relationship with existing clients.

Production/Quality Control Systems

Production/Quality control systems are a part of management software solutions used to optimize production and make sure that everything runs smoothly. They help govern companies on the base of objective data.


Artificial Vision

Sensors and cameras can detect whatever happens in warehouses or where they are installed automatically and 24/7 reducing costs and improving quality.


We develop algorithms for different purposes: production planning, warehouse storage assessment, optical character recognition, artificial vision.

Full Stack Web Development

We develop full stack solutions and guarantee to use the best technologies to get an efficient combination of back-end and front based on your requirements. Big saver for time and money.

Mobile App

We develop mobile apps to make work easier and faster, wherever users are, at any time. Smartphones can replace laptops and send real-time data to operation centres.


Luca Capobianco


Born in 1979, he still not sure he’s left or right-handed. While thinking he got a degree in Telecommunications Engineering. Then he spent more of his time studying data analysis, machine learning, AI and computer vision, getting eventually a PHD. He believes in the evolution of the species, in the redistribution of happiness and he hates flat earth believers. He is also a photographer, check out www.fuzzytales.it

Gianluca de Pascale


Gianluca “the computer whisperer” de Pascale was born in 1975 and he immediately realised how cool is to play with Lego, Meccano, words and numbers. A Commodore 64 doomed him to live the life of a mathematician lent to engineering.
He mainly eats books, carbs and vegetables. He spends his free time thinking about how amazing it’d be to actually have some free time.



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