The suite of products for data analysis, production planning, warehouse sync and management, paperwork and deadlines, CRM.

A company that uses software has the opportunity to grow faster. It speeds up processes and fosters the business development. It brings automation, reduces human errors. It generates objective data that companies can read and analyse to stimulate innovation and improve efficiency. It paves the way to brand new business models.
It’s a suite of highly customisable products, defined to satisfy needs coming from different industries: we offer solutions to manage either a manufacturing company or a studio of professionals that needs advanced tools to manage workflows, paperwork, daily tasks, deadlines.
Almond, Orange, Blueberry, Durian, Peanut e Cherry are the core of this suite continuously expanding.
Fruit is the essential food, healthy, but also vital and coloured, as our team is!
We think our software are the perfect nourishment for companies willing to grow and increase their productivity.

Almond catalogo sales

Almond helps sales agents working for wholesale companies manage orders and product catalogues. It is a Saas product, optimized for mobile, so agents can use it wherever they are.

  • Almond helps sales agent show products on their illustrated catalogue, connect with clients and compile orders in an easy and intuitive way
  • The catalogue is always handy; it contains essential information about items, as photos, description and quantity. It is accessible from tablet or laptop using a web application.
  • The catalogue is synced with orders, you don’t need to update it manually, quantities are automatically deducted.
  • Almond can be integrated with Peanut, the warehouse management system by Vectis, or other software.  It helps monitor the whole sale process, from storing the product to shipment and order completion.
  • Almond manages the client records and it stores and organizes the most relevant information about the relationship with it, as last orders, payments, and meetings.

Orange is the algorithm on demand. It’s a Saas product, providing algorithms to optimize and plan the industrial production. It can easily solve glitches, logistic problems, and production management issues.

  • Orange is licensed and delivered in a “Software As A Service” (SaaS) model, that is, the platform is managed via web and data are stored in cloud.
  • The algorithms are written to support business decisions, either strategic or operative, in a certain timeframe. They are completely customisable according to business needs.
  • Orange can either automate a process completely or provide a series of possible production plans, each one considering different variables as time or cost.
  • The algorithms of Orange provide in shorter times (tasks that took hours to be done can take minutes using Orange) the optimum solutions. Companies can save money and time reallocating their resources on other tasks and they can face real-time sudden changes and unexpected events.
  • Orange is a versatile and flexible software, it can be integrated with other technology as ERPs, database and sensor systems.
Logo Peanut

Peanut is a warehouse management software developed for companies, retailers and whomever needs to manage orders and inventory. Update your inventory automatically across different e-commerce channels.

  • Peanut is a warehouse management system created to improve, in terms of efficiency, flow control and reduction of logistic costs, a process that can lead to mistakes and waste of resources.
  • It’s a valid tool to control the status of products stored in the warehouse, to monitor the load and unload of goods and the inventory.
  • Peanut allows an easy and safe management of goods, guaranteeing a top performance for every type and size of company, industry or professional.
  • The warehouse operative management can be completely automated representing a big step forward for companies who decide to use it: Peanut is a very efficient software to keep under control everything concerning the stored goods or just a single stock item.
  • Warehouse management becomes easy and flawless for companies that manufacture goods, retailers or franchising with multiple stores as every feature can be customised, satisfying the different needs coming up from different type of business.
logo cherry

Cherry is the sync wizard. It allows to manage easily, fast and efficiently the communication between any e-commerce platform and the warehouse.


  • Think you’re a retailer managing hundreds of orders every day. You have to manage both online and in store sales but your products are stored in just one warehouse.
  • The most common problem you will probably face is to remember to update the quantity of items stored in the warehouse deducting both online and in-store sales. You can make mistakes very easily and the result is that you run out of items and you won’t even notice it. It will cause delays or, even worse, you will be forced to cancel the order.
  • Cherry avoids this kind of mistakes and saves time and money as who manages the orders will not have to remember to update the systems manually.
  • Cherry is the best solution to synchronize your warehouse management system with your e-commerce platform (WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Amazon, Ebay).
  • Cherry works as a watcher monitoring the data structure of both the e-commerce and the WMS at the same time and alerting about any possible change real-time.
logo blueberry

Bluberry is a business intelligence software designed for agents working for mass retails channels. Its purpose is to gather and analyse data coming from local stores.

  • Blueberry is a software to collect commercial data from mass retail stores. It simplifies the operations to collect data as prices, how products are displayed on the shelves, quantities, and including them in a rich and updated database.
  • Blueberry is a very important tool to speed up and simplify the operation of data collection periodically conducted by the sales agent team.
  • Data are sent by sales agents via mobile app that works even with no internet connection. Data are stored on a server safely and delivered to the operation centre as soon as the connection is restored.
  • Data are prepared to be transformed, analysed, and used to create reports.
  • The result is a series of possible scenarios very important to understand the status of your business and that of your competitors, to make the best choices for the future of your company.
logo durian

Durian is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, developed to maintain control over deadlines and manage the relationship with clients. Easy to use and highly customizable.

  • Durian is a software for project management and customer relationship management.
  • It’s been developed to monitor the status of all the activities run inside companies and to manage efficiently the relationship with clients and prospects.
  • The project management feature is designed to define and the sequence of all the internal operations necessary to complete a task and follow step-by-step how they progress.
  • It can be used either to follow the different phases of a relationship with a client or to define and monitor all the steps of a certain procedure.
  • Manages leads from prospecting to conversion. It lets you track sales activities, deals, and tasks.
  • Durian manages operations following a waterfall model. It means that every phase must be completed before proceeding to the next one.
  • It generates insights for better decisions. Look for patterns, trends, and other insights critical to strategic decisions.

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